Break world records with the number puzzles of Numbers! Choose from unique game modes, race against time, and click on the numbers as quickly as possible! Relax with the minimalistic interface, and do not let anything distract you from your goal! Improve your reflexes with each try and become a master of numbers and time!

Welcome to a race of flying seconds and mixed numbers! There are no opponents or enemies other than your last score. You set the goals, choose the mode, and aim for it! Ready your finger, hold your breath, and let’s start hunting numbers! There are two main modes you can choose: race and survive. In the race mode, you click on the numbers required in the right order. The main goal in this mode is to complete it in less time than your best. The second mode gives you randomly placed numbers and requires you to click on them within a time limit. The game ends if you click on another number or run out of time. Both modes have difficulty and size options; you can start from the bottom and master your way up! You can always go to the options menu and reset your records to start anew!

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Ember Whirl developed Numbers.

Release Date

August 16, 2022


Simple and relaxing theme

Improving reflexes

Fun for all ages

Addictive gameplay

Modes and difficulty options

Available online


You can use your mouse to play this game.