Know the right time to attack well in NOVA Covered Ops! Being a good fighter doesn’t always mean attacking blindly all the way. Sometimes you need to stop and build a strategy for a second. Now, let’s see if you can put this down into practice.

In this action game, you have fourteen levels of excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Time management and quick decision making is the key to achieving nice scores in this game. You have two options at each level. One is to hide behind trenches to protect yourself and avoid the bullets of your enemies. The other option is to raise up in control and shoot at your enemies. The time is totally up to you. You simply need to stop your enemies before they come too close at you. As you fight and progress through the levels, you will also have the chance to collect new weapons and discover using them according to quick assistive instructions on the screen. Now, get ready to fight and try to win all the levels with great techniques.

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Gameloft SE developed NOVA Covered Ops.

Release Date

October 20, 2022


• 2D realistic graphics

• New weapons to collect

• First-person shooting

• 14 levels to pass


You can click left to shoot with the main weapon. Follow the instructions regarding the new weapons you collect.