Tie your belts and hold on to your seats because Nitro Tuk Tuk is here to take you on an adventure at full speed! Pick up and drop off passengers, dodge traps and barriers, and make it to the finish line with no accidents to show you are worthy of the next level!

Let's test your reflexes and dodging skills on the streets of this cartoony world! Jump into your vehicle and get over anything that stands in your way! It's simple; you just move up and down while your character keeps driving forward at full speed. Watch out for the warnings and road signs! These signs will tell you about the whereabouts of your next passengers and road accidents. Collecting the stars on your way will fill up the star meter above, determining the score points you get from that level. Try to pick up every star while keeping your character safe. You must also pick up the gas cans to fill up your gas and keep your engine running. Collect all the stars and customers, help people, and become a legendary driver in the monkey city! Complete all fifteen levels and see how far you can get in this challenge!

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Gameloft SE released Nitro Tuk Tuk.

Release Date

December 29, 2022


A cartoony world with cute characters

Simple controls with increasingly challenging levels

15 stages

Available on mobile devices


You can use the arrow keys to play this game.