Hold on tight to your steering wheel and hit the gas in Nitro Street Run 2! This racing game will bring a brand-new thrill to your life with many levels and challenges to complete, so get ready to enjoy the ride!

Are you ready to try your speed limits and challenge your racing skills? This game consists of a series of tasks that you need to complete to go on the game. This means that you will be tested for many levels that are separated into different seasons. You will begin the game with the ranking level, then go on with levels like knock out, escape and boss battle. Each level has a different goal and different conditions. During all the levels you can use the car by only changing lanes with the arrow keys. After each successful attempt, you will earn some coins and you can spend those coins on enhancing the basic features of your car. Now, prepare for a long journey that will get you to try your best and master the art of racing!

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Gameloft SE developed Nitro Street Run 2.

Release Date

December 05, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Several seasons with a different set of tasks

• Upgradable car features

• Cars to unlock


Use the arrow keys to change lanes.