Enjoy the city in the dark in Night City Racing! You have a need for speed, and the best part is that you can satisfy your need whenever you want. Now, get out with your friends, hop in your car, and challenge each other in an exciting race!

This racing game will introduce you to a city with a beautiful sunset. Now, relax and get ready to dive into the realistic graphics of the game. You will be racing in a thrilling simulation. First, you need to choose between the racing mode and the challenge mode. If you want to enjoy the driving motion, you may also choose the free drive mode. You can also choose between the single-player mode and the 2-player mode. Later, all that is left is to use the best of your driving skills and try to become the first in ranking at the end of each race. Feel free to unlock new cars with better speed, acceleration, handling, or a brake. You can also enjoy the feeling of customizing your car with different colors. Now, bring out the racer in you and engage with everything about your car and this race!

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RHM Interactive developed Night City Racing.

Release Date

June 01, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• 2-player mode option

• Need for sudden player control

• Cars to unlock


You can use the arrow keys to control the car, the M key to use the nitro speed, the O key to reset the car, and the K key to change the camera view. Use the WASD keys, L key, R key, and C key for the respective options in Player 2.