Get your hands on stacks of money and feel the power of wealth in Money Land! You have an empty land given to you, and you are expected to bring some life to it. Now, work hard and create systems that will let you run this new city you are building.

In this idle type of management game, you will be developing systems that will feed themselves. With the money you earn, you can unlock new parts of the land and open new buildings. These buildings will also be places for you to earn more money. The more buildings unlocked means earning more money quicker, but you can also achieve this by upgrading your money collecting capacity, collect speed, or move speed. This may cost you some money, or you can unlock rewards by watching some ads. Go on collecting a stack of money to unlock new buildings, and don’t forget that you also have the chance to enlarge the lands you are working on by unlocking new roads with your money. Now, let’s see if you can get enough of this addictive idle game!

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2Play developed Money Land.

Release Date

September 05, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Upgradable capacity and speed

• More lands to unlock

• Idle money-making system


You can use the cursor to drag the character around the streets.