Keep digging the apple with Apple Worm! Apple worms are quite lovely and have been a symbol for many things for so long. Now, dive into their world and get to see how hard an apple worm should work to fill its tummy!

This is a hyper-casual game with relaxing gameplay. You will play the game in the shoes of a little green apple worm. Through the 30 levels, you will aim to reach and eat the apple put in one corner of the platform. You can use the right and left arrow keys to crawl your way to the apple through the platform. Your primary aim is to stay away from falling off the edges of the platform. Once you reach and touch the apple, you will automatically eat it. Later, the only thing you should do is reach the black hole at the end of the road. Try not to fall off the edges but also be calm. You can restart the level as many times as you like. Let’s see if you can get to the end and complete all thirty levels.

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Gibton developed Apple Worm.

Release Date

January 21, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• 30 levels

• Easy and fun controls

• Shortcut the R key to restart a level


Use the arrow keys to move and bend the worm.