Defend your land and become the victor in Medieval Battle 2P! These times are hard. The medieval world is very brutal, and you need all the power on earth to protect your lands and people. Can you manage to be the victor of all times?

In this amazing strategy game, you will be playing as the commander of your country in medieval times. So, you will find yourself in a medieval battle. As the commander of the army, you need to lead and manage all your manpower. You have a total of 24 levels in the 1 player mode in which you need to win the battles. You have spearmen, archers, and other medieval soldiers. At each level, you need to choose how many of which of those soldiers you will place on the battlefield. You can also manage the positioning of your soldiers. In the end, if your strategy works and you have more men alive, you can win the battles. Don’t forget that you can challenge each other with your friends from the same computer in the 2 player mode! Let’s see who will be the ruler of the medieval world!

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RHM Interactive developed Medieval Battle 2P.

Release Date

February 21, 2022


3D colorful graphics

24 levels to complete

Requirement of strategic thinking

2 Player mode available


You can use the mouse of your computer to determine your soldiers and their spots.