There are ogres all around and in Master Draw Legends your job is to defeat those vile creatures! Only you can stand against these creatures and clear your way off them. That is, of course, possible only if you know how to use your magic potions. Are you ready to fight against these ogres and make everywhere safer for everyone?

You have magic potions to help you, but to protect yourself and get rid of these ogres, you need to throw the potions at them from a certain distance. It is a great chance having the bottles of potion find their ways just as you lead them to go. Still, the path is full of dangers, and it is all up to you to create a safe roadmap for the bottles to reach the ogres so that they will perish. There may be some disc blades that will ruin a whole bottle of potion or some tricky walls for you to throw the bottles underneath. But you need to handle the task of defeating the ogres with the limited number of bottles in your hand. Don’t be discouraged, you will have some help, too. This help will come from extra items on your path with each new level like the sudden explosives whose explosion you can use to defeat the ogres. Don’t forget to collect the coins while you are drawing the trajectory for your potions so you can unlock new avatars. You can use your mouse to draw the path for the potion. Carefully create a way for the potions to fly and get rid of all the wicked ogres!

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Developer developed Master Draw Legends.

Release Date
November 11, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels
• Intuitive controls
• Avatars to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to draw the trajectory for the bottles.