Dive into a dark fantasy world with Mangavania! Search for a ray of sunlight in the darkest dungeons of a twisted realm, jump between platforms, face terrifying monsters, and meet companions to solve their puzzles! Find weapons to defend yourself and come up with unthinkable methods to unlock the gates to the next world!

Take a peek at Yuhiko's adventure underground! He is a samurai trapped in this underground maze. While these dungeons are hard to master, together, there is nothing you to cannot overcome. You can build strategies and solve riddles, while Yuhiko can be the muscle of this escape operation. Follow him to the first stage and start running! Learn the basic controls by moving through the platform and jumping between them. You must dodge the spikes and enemies at all costs! Bounce over the monsters, and wait for them to return and approach you before finishing them off with a blow. Search for weapons on your way to keep your guard up against the horrors of this maze. Activate the elevators, climb up the walls, and eliminate every obstacle on your way to make it to the next level with the highest score!

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Mirra Games developed Mangavania.

Release Date

March 17, 2023


  • Black and white pixel theme
  • A dark fantasy world
  • Easy to play
  • Level score ranks


You can use "A, D" or the left and right arrow keys to move, the spacebar to jump, your mouse to attack, and the left shift to dash.