Walk through the chambers of a dangerous tower in Towerland! You are invited to a nostalgic adventure. In this huge tower from the world of old video games, there are tens of enemies waiting for you. Now, can you shoot them all the reach your aim?

Get ready to jump into an adventure of a lifetime. You live in the land of knights as the descend of a great family of knights. Your lands have been doomed by the evil power of Diabot the monster long ago. So, now you must find it and end this doom by killing it. You must go through the chambers of the main castle of the lands to finally find Diabot. On the way, you will face many monsters who can easily kill you. Make sure to shoot your weapons in the best way and move wisely. With each monster you eliminate, you will earn coins and diamonds. Use them to upgrade your skills and features. In the end, try to kill the boss enemy and bring peace to your doomed lands!

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Catom Games developed Towerland.

Release Date

March 12, 2022


• 2D vintage-looking graphics

• Skills and features to unlock

• Many levels to complete through different chapters

• Intuitive controls


Use the WASD keys to move and the arrow keys to shoot.