Step up your puzzle skills in Mahjong 3D Connect! This Mahjong game is all about elegance and cleverness. Bring these two together and clear your mind to match all the blocks and complete the puzzle!

Welcome to a beautifully designed Mahjong game with jelly-looking cubes thanks to improved 3D graphics. Indeed, you can take a step back and observe the Mahjong cubes you are playing with from a wider angle thanks to the 360-degree rotation possible. Your aim is the same as in a classic Mahjong game. You should click on the identical cubes one after the other to match them within the given time limit. This will remove them from the bigger cube and get you one step closer to clearing all the Mahjong cubes from the board. You should choose the blocks that aren’t blocked by other cubes from the right or left side, though. Make the right moves and complete a successful puzzle session to earn bonuses like the X2 speed match, X5 multi-match combo, and extra five seconds. Now, come and enjoy the elegance of beautifully designed Mahjong cubes with the challenging gameplay as a cherry on top!

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SOFTGAMES developed Mahjong 3D Connect.

Release Date

December 19, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Bonuses to earn with special achievements

5 hints available

Five bonuses for shuffling the cubes

3D view of 360-degree observation


Click on the cubes to match them. Click on the screen and drag the cursor to turn the cube 360 degrees around.