Unleash the commander in you in Funny Battle Simulator 2! You are the commander of a powerful army and now you can experience how difficult it is to make strong strategies for stressful wars thanks to this game. Are you ready to see if you would make a great commander?

You have many soldiers in your command in this game. When you find yourself in the middle of a war simulator, the thing you would want the most would be strong soldiers, too. With the help of this army, you can attack your enemy and win this war. You have a budget and a person limit to place your soldiers on the war field. But as long as you build a strong strategy, you can overcome your enemies. Think wisely on where to place how many of your soldiers before you attack your enemy. You have three different versions of the army to choose one from at each level. Altogether, you can build your army with cavemen, headless, horsemen, miniguns, archers, Spartans, workers, frontmen, and many more. So, now consider everything while choosing your strategies and try to win many wars!

If you enjoyed playing this fun strategy game, you should check out Funny Battle Simulator to go on having fun!


GoGoMan developed Funny Battle Simulator 2.

Release Date

January 17, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Need for strategic thinking

Many levels to pass

Defend your area!


You can slide your cursor to place the soldiers you choose.