Can you protect your area in Funny Battle Simulator? This game is one of its kind when it comes to letting you have a realistic war experience. If you do not quite like the bloody side of the wars but like to build up strategies for them, then this game is totally for you. Are you ready to use your leadership skills to win this war?

In this game, you can play around with your stickmen however you wish. To build the best battle strategy, you can use your stickmen of different kinds all according to your plans. You have a great army for your service. 10 stickmen with cudgels, 20 archers, 50 Spartans, 80 knights, 100 grenadiers, and 200 cyclops are at your service. How many of which of these stickmen you will place on the battleground is all up to you. All you need to do is to choose your option and then slide your mouse where you want the stickmen to stand. You can see your enemies readily situated on their side of the battleground. So, use this to your advantage and position your stickmen accordingly. Later, start the battle and see if you can be the defeater! You will see how many more stickmen you can place on the battleground as you place those in your hand. So, build your strategy and see if you can protect your land as is expected from you!

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GoGoMan developed Funny Battle Simulator.

Release Date

December 08, 2021


• 3D colorful graphics

• Need for strategic thinking

• Many levels to pass

• Defend your area!


You can use your mouse to place the stickmen you choose.