Test your strategic reflexes with Ludibubbles! Protect the cursed lands from the bubble invaders by shooting them! Eliminate the bubble groups by hitting them with the same-colored bubbles, advance through challenging levels at an increasing pace, and complete stages with three stars to get the highest score points!

The chaos crater is open, and nothing should get in there! You get one ship, an infinite number of cannonballs of all colors, and matchless speed skills to stop the enemy's ball attacks before they make it to the hole. You can move freely around the island and shoot them whenever and at whatever angle you want. Move swiftly and aim carefully to stop the balls before they get too far. Shoot groups of two or more with the same-colored balls to make them pop and save some time before the next party comes. Be careful not to get more balls into the line. If you have two different lines coming at the same time, focus on keeping them balanced and do not let the other get too far while you are dealing with one. Practice, get better, and explore all twelve levels with unique designs! Improve your shooting skills and reflexes while having fun!

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Gameloft SE developed Ludibubbles.

Release Date

October 13, 2022


Shiny and colorful bubbles

Nice animations

12 addictive and high-paced levels

Language options

Helping tutorials


You can use your mouse to play this game.