In Lethal Race, gain from each race by upgrading your vehicle, killing your opponents, showing them how to perform a triple back flip, and crossing the finish line first! Race through towns, tunnels, fields, and more against other superpower enemy cars! Have fun!

The Lethal Race is a life-or-death competition in which only the strongest will survive. Fasten your seatbelts, because this is going to be a bumpy journey! Compete against other vehicles on a dangerous course, collect money, and earn nitro by flipping. Destroy other vehicles while avoiding being damaged. In addition, you may unlock new vehicles, enhance them with your profits, and compete on newer circuits. During the race, take advantage of every springboard to do flips; this will raise your nitro gauge, giving you an advantage over your opponents. There will be 12 cars available, including a police car, a monster truck, and a Formula 1 car. First, choose and personalize your vehicle. Your goal is to sprint along a rough road with some very significant leaps while avoiding your opponents. You must execute backflips while collecting coins and stars to modify your car during the races in order to obtain nitro. You must defeat other racers at all costs, even if it means destroying their vehicles. Join this deadly race and earn money while performing stunts to raise your nitro charge. Upgrade your ride using the coins you've collected. To be number one, you must complete all of the races!

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IceStone developed Lethal Race.

Release Date

January, 2022


  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • 12 cars to choose from
  • Colorful 2D graphics


You can use your arrow keys to play this game.