Show your creativity in this shooting game with Draw and Destroy! You are a very creative person and you like the arts. But unfortunately, you couldn’t follow your dreams and became a hitman. Now, maybe you can spice things up and create your own method! What do you say?

This game is a sketching game where you are given some scenarios to work through. You are needed to eliminate some vicious people as a hitman. But the thing is that you are always far away from your enemies. So, work your way through the platforms you are on and use your special technique and weapons. You can creatively draw the way that your weapons will take and ultimately eliminate everyone. Just make sure to draw a safe way for the bullets and not to miss any target. For each successful hit, you’ll earn some money. Feel free to spend it on new weapons and try to complete all the 33 levels!

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Proto Games developed Draw and Destroy.

Release Date

April 06, 2022


2D colorful graphics

33 levels

Intuitive controls

Weapons to unlock


You can use the mouse to draw the trajectory for the weapons.