Jump high up in the sky in JUMP ON 2! Get ready to enjoy one of the best feelings you can ever get with a sparkling ball, jumping over an unlimited number of floors up in the sky. Can you get going and break records over records?

This is a hyper-casual game with challenging gameplay. Your single aim to focus on is to jump high through the floors of architecture with endless platforms. You play this game by clicking on the screen. With each click, the ball will climb one step up the ladder-like architecture. The key to a successful game is to keep an eye on each floor’s both ends. The structure tilts automatically and makes the ball slide onto the side it is tilting. At this point, you should wait for the ball to move towards the side with a closed-end so that it won’t fall off and you won’t fail. There may be bonuses like the extra time that you should try to collect when you bump. Now, let’s see how far you can go and what your record will be!

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Synk Inc. developed JUMP ON 2.

Release Date

October 03, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Endless level to try beating your record

• Balls to unlock with the coins you collect

• Time bonuses available


Click on the screen to make the ball jump through the ladders.