Bounce your way through the platforms in Jump Ball Adventures! This bouncy game will let you into a fun and vintage game experience. Classic platform game with a cute ball to jump around… Are you ready to enjoy the game for as long as you can?

In this platform-based game, you will be jumping on the vintage-looking platform over some sharp edges, voids, and bouncer buttons. All the jumping will lead you to the finish line indicating the end of that level’s platform. On your way, you will see some stars, too. It is up to you to collect those stars or not. You may choose whichever one of the three stars to collect totally according to your position. But you should keep in mind that you can unlock new balls with those stars that you collected. From a regular ball to a little world, you can jump around with any ball you like. There are 40 levels and you are expected to move the ball by letting it jump left or right. You can use your left or right arrow keys or the cursor to move the ball. If you fail the level, you can start from the same level as many times as you like to. Your stars will just keep accumulating! It is all about the journey in this game, so keep having fun and jumping your ball!

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Game-Devs developed Jump Ball Adventures.

Release Date

January 05, 2022


Vintage-looking colorful graphics

Easy and fun controls

Multiple levels

Balls to unlock


You can use the arrow keys or the cursor to jump the ball left or right.