Jigsaw welcomes you to the modern puzzle world where the complexity of the jigsaw puzzle and online playing technology combine! With 3D high-resolution images, this game will make you feel like you are playing it in real life, in front of your big puzzle table. The only difference is that we added a little timing challenge for you to have more fun. Now, let's see if you can beat the timing and complete the pictures!

In this fun puzzle game, you are going to be given 3 difficulty levels at the beginning. Choose the one you want to start with according to the pictures. You will have the same time limit for each difficulty level but, you can stop the game any time you want. The quicker you finish the puzzle, the more points you will get. Don't forget that starting with the borders is the easiest way to complete the puzzle. To do so, you can click on the square figure situated at the right top of the screen and arrange the pieces according to categories or simply tidy up. Click on the tray at the bottom of the screen and drag the pieces in to clean the table or out to take them to be used. Next to the square figure, you will see another figure which is eye-shaped, that will allow you to look at the original picture. You can see your timing and score at the end of the game. Good luck!

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Arkadium developed this game.

Release Date

July, 2020


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Multiple pictures
  • Entertaining and addictive


You can play it with your mouse.