In Instant Online Soccer, you can head to the soccer field with other players around the world! The competition is getting heated as players compete with each other to get the ball, and you should do your best to carry your team to the championship. Can you maneuver the ball and avoid the other players to score goals?

Everyone is wearing their colors and waiting for the referee's whistle. With your coach's tactics, you'll be sure to win the match. Your objective in this online game is to win every match you play by scoring more goals than your opponent before the time runs out. You can either play the game solo with other random players or invite 3 of your friends over and see who is the real MVP. Use the WASD keys to move around. Need more speed? To catch up with other players, you can press the right mouse button to run faster. Once you get to an opposing player, press the SPACE BAR to steal the ball from them. Keep in mind that while you have the ball, you move slowly. The mud pools around will also reduce your speed, so be careful. Press the left mouse button to kick the ball. You can also grab a chair and throw it to other players to stop them. We won't tell anyone, promise!

Become the most successful team at the league and win the world cup! Be sure to check Soccer Balls too! Have fun!


Instant Online Soccer is made by Rezoner.

Release Date

October 2018


  • Multiplayer online gameplay
  • Can play with friends or with random players
  • Leaderboards
  • Can customize your character


Use the WASD keys to move around. Press the E key to ask for a pass. Use the SPACE BAR to slide and tackle the players. Press the left mouse button to kick the ball and the right mouse button to run.