Become a world champion in Hurdles Heroes! The most important race in the world is taking place on all seven continents of the world. You must be the winner to make your country proud and you have worked hard for this day. Now, stretch and show everyone your skills!

You need to work hard and be determined to be a world champion. Especially, when it comes to a world tournament on hurdle race, you must be willing to spend hours practicing. It is not easy to run fast, find your balance to jump over the obstacles, and win the race. Here, in this game, you must only control your jumps, though. Choose your country and your racer and he will run for you. You just need to press the W, the upper arrow key, or the space key to jump when you are close to the obstacle. Take advantage of the signs showing you where to jump. You can either fail the jump which will cause you to lose speed, or have a good or perfect jump. Just plan your jump accordingly and become the winner at each level to see all the races on all seven continents!

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RHM Interactive developed Hurdles Heroes.

Release Date

January 13, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• 7 tracks to unlock

• Intuitive controls

• Increasing numbers of obstacles


You can use the W, the upper arrow key, or the space key to jump over the obstacles.