Hungry Fridge is very hungry! You should feed it with proper food to get the highest score! Will you able to feed your fridge or else will you fail?

You are not the only one who gets hungry. Sometimes fridges want food too! In this fun game, your objective is to feed the fridge with the proper food. Sometimes it may want to eat a cheat meal, and sometimes it wants healthy food. You need to be very careful while giving it food, or else its battery dies. You have to help your fridge maintain its battery for as long as possible! The fridge will tell you what it wants to eat, you can see these items on the left corner of the screen. Be careful! It may change in seconds! The food that your fridge is craving can be burgers, beers, and pizzas or carrots, apples, and lettuces. You should give it what it wants at the exact moment. The higher your score, the harder the game will be. Clicking on the items will be getting harder when you proceed with the game. If you're fast and observant in this Hungry Fridge game, you can put up some seriously high scores while having a fun time! Click on the play button if you feel ready!

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Enclave Games developed Hungry Fridge.

Release Date

October 19, 2018


  • No levels to pass
  • 2D graphics
  • Arcade game
  • Intuitive controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.