In Happy Dessert, your customers await you. Since this is your very first cake shop, you better not keep them waiting. You know it's bad for your reputation. Do you think you will be able to keep your customers happy and upgrade your shop to make more money?

It's time to make yummy, mouth-watering cakes. We know this is not how you planned your career path. You were supposed to be an announcer in Collesium but you made a serious mistake and now you need to find yourself a new job. Since you love cakes and love money too, the best thing to do is open a cake shop. Yay! We knew you would love this idea. So, let's get started. To be a successful business owner, you need to control and plan every aspect of your business like hiring a chef and a team, decorating the shop, and making new recipes. That's the only way you can be more successful. To do all this, you simply need to click on the buttons you see at the bottom of the screen. To hire a scavenger team who will collect the necessary ingredients for you, click on the upgrade button. And don't forget to hire a chef too. Buy new recipes and so we can start baking cakes. The happier your customers are, the more tips you'll get. These tips are important to decorate your shop, upgrade your team, and even hire a new one. Are you ready to become a successful business owner and make more money than you can possibly dream of?

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Developed by LittleGiantWorld.

Release Date

October, 2017.


  • Achievements to unlock
  • Nice graphics
  • Different decoration options
  • Recipes to make


Use your mouse to play.