Get ready to join the party! BlockStar Planet has lots of players roaming its cubic world. You should join them too, because youll have an amazing time if you do! With many mini-games and challenges to complete, Blockstar Planet will become one of your top favorite games. Many other people around the world have already signed up. Create a free account and get ready to meet many colorful characters in the lively world of BlockStar Planet.

Before joining the others, create an avatar for yourself. BlockStar Planet has an extensive character creator with many options to choose from! Choose a character and then customize the details of their look. You can change the color of their hair, their shoes, and even their eyes! You can dress them up the way you want. How would you like them to move around the world of Blockstar Planet? Give them a skateboard or a cart because well, why not? You can be as crazy as you want in this game! Meet lots of Blockstar celebrities. Have you had the chance to say hello to Rita Blasta yet? Shell take you through many mini adventures and games. By playing these games, you can earn coins and unlock new items! What about that geeky kid over there, by the big bell-shaped glass filled with crystals? That's Ziggi Starblock! You can sell Ziggi the crystals youve collected during your exploration. There are 20 crystals to collect in total, each can be found in different locations. See that guy with the skateboard? Thats BlockBjorn! He will help you to edit your looks or even create a new world. With his help, you can create and build a new world together with your friends. What kind of items will you place in there? Adopt pets, buy weapons, and make the most of your time in BlockStar Planet!

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MovieStarplanet Studios

Release Date

July 6, 2014


  • Online multiplayer
  • 3D graphics
  • Mini games
  • Colorful and customizable world


Use the WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim.