Get your hula hoops and rock them on the way in Hula Hoops Rush! Everyone knows how good you are in hula hooping. But as athletic as you are, you are also a human being. This game really tries your limits in hula hooping! Are you ready to challenge this limit?

In this fun and addictive platform game, you are expected to run through the platform while collecting hula hoops. There are tens of hula hoops on the way waiting for you to pick them up. The only thing you should care about is to select the hoops of the color you are supposed to pick. You can understand which color you are supposed to choose from the current color of the hula hoops around your waist. That will change occasionally when you go through passages of yellow, green, or blue lights. It is better to end each level with more hula hoops since it will earn you more coins. With those coins, you can unlock new accessories for your character. Don’t forget that you will lose a hula hoop with each hula hoop you collect of the wrong color. Now, get there on the platform and run your way through the hula hoops to get coins!

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PL Studio developed Hula Hoops Rush.

Release Date

December 16, 2021


3D colorful graphics

Intuitive controls

Multiple levels to complete

Entertaining and addictive levels

Platform with hula hoops to collect


You can use the mouse of your computer to rotate the character.