Hit as many cans as you can in Hit Cans 3D! You have your ball bat in hand and endless levels you let loose. Aim well and hit all the cans in all the levels now! Are you ready to unleash your inner hitter?

Here, you will have various set-ups of cans for endless levels. Your main aim is to hit all the cans. You should aim really well and know which can throw the ball at. This is extremely important because you have the chance to use only three balls at each level. If you are out of baseball balls, you should start the level again. Sometimes, there will be explosives or shelves that will spice up the set-up. Consider them wisely before shooting. Aim well, click on the spot that you aim to shoot, and try to clear all the cans, bottles, or whatever is on the set-up. A great shooing game is waiting for you with fun 3D graphics and a nice motion of hitting!

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BPTop developed Hit Cans 3.

Release Date

January 20, 2022


Colorful graphics

Need for good aiming skills

Intuitive controls

Addictive gameplay


You can left-click on the spot you aim to throw the ball at.