Halloween Sudoku changes the rules of the classic number puzzle game and replaces the numbers with spooky Halloween-themed images! Adapt to this new theme the game brings, and enjoy the season while improving your Sudoku skills! Memorize the images, scan the blocks, and try to complete the puzzles in three difficulty modes!

Halloween is already here, and this year, scary means changing puzzle formats! The Sudoku you know no longer contains numbers; it is solved with spooky images! But don't worry; there will be a list of the images below so that you can check them anytime you want. The rule is simple; there can be only one copy of an image in the 9x9 square and the horizontal and vertical lines it stands. You can see how many times an image is used by looking at that image below. The game keeps time for you to compare with your other games and see your progression. You can reveal a tile by clicking on the hint button on the top left and watching a short ad. You can also restart the game, reveal all tiles, and end the game to see your score from that menu. Get better at this version and try the hardest mode to see how far you have come!

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WillingGames.com developed Halloween Sudoku.

Release Date

October 19, 2022


Fun and addictive random Sudoku matches

Cute Halloween theme

Player-friendly interface

Boosters menu


You can use your mouse to play this game.