Shuffle the tiles and connect them to see what happens in Halloween Mahjong! Creepy claws, spooky mansions, and many other Halloween-special things are better when they are far away from you and only drawn on tiles. So, keep it safe and enjoy Halloween with this connect puzzle!

Here you have a connect puzzle game that presents you with different numbers of tiles with spooky drawings to keep you enjoying this special time of the holiday season. Let it be a Trick or Treat candy or a funny-looking spider, your aim is to get your focus out on these tiles and put an effort into connecting the identical tiles one by one. The connected identical pairs of tiles will be removed from the board which will take you one step closer to your goal since you need to remove all the tiles off the board to pass the level. The clock is ticking and you need to complete the level within the given time. Besides, you will have a time bonus at the end for each second you spared if you complete the level earlier. Observe the tiles and find the pairs that can be connected with a line that doesn’t have more than three parts!

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Developer developed Halloween Mahjong.

Release Date

October 17, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Halloween-themed icons

Time bonus available

Shuffle and pass the level bonus with awarded ads

Entertaining and addictive gameplay


You can click on the identical icons one after another to connect them.