Live the life of a gangster in Grand Hero Gangster Simulator! Gangsters live life on the edges, and nothing can tame them. If you want to see how a day goes in the life of these adventurous people, come, and enjoy this game!

This is a simulation game with 3D graphics and sandbox gameplay that will present you with a realistic city atmosphere and a series of tasks. You need to follow the instructions and try to complete these tasks within the given time. Not only this is the only way to earn some coins to spend on new weapons and cars but also you will be hungry for excitement once you complete the first task. You can never guess the next task which may go from saving your boss from his enemies to following a car and destroying it. Hop on and drive the car to hurry and reach the targeted places and walk around while attacking your enemies. Either way, just let yourself feel at home in this city and work hard to become a successful gangster.

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Driving games developed Grand Hero Gangster Simulator.

Release Date

December 16, 2022


• Realistic 3D graphics

• Cars and weapons to unlock

• Need for careful driving and aiming skills

• Always on the run!


You can use the WASD to drive the car. Jump with the space key and shoot your enemies by clicking left.