Pop the fruits and win the game in Fruit Pop Multiplayer! Find a rival and get ready to crush not only the fruits but also the confidence of your opponent. You are the best puzzler around, so don’t give anyone the chance to win your match!

Here you have a highly interactive game that will drive you on the edge of your seat with rivalry. Enter the game and find an online opponent. You can send a game request by clicking on the names. Once your rival accepts the match, you can start playing the puzzle game. This is a classic connect game. You have a grid full of fruits. Your aim is to collect the fruits by connecting three or more of the same fruits. You have 20 moves that you can use. What you need is to collect more fruits and points than your rival in a shorter time. You will see the winner in the end. If you wish, you can go on playing a new level and challenge yourself with the puzzle with the same opponent. When you unlock bonuses to help you, make sure to use them strategically. Now enjoy this fun and interactive connect puzzle with your real-time rivals!

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Tweensoft developed Fruit Pop Multiplayer.

Release Date

July 14, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Multiplayer gameplay

Multiple levels

Realtime rivals


Click left on an icon and drag a line through the icons to connect and collect them.