Join the mayhem and beat other players in Sheep Sheep Duck! This addictive online multiplayer game features lots of fun little games that will keep you hooked to your screen. Can you finish all of these mini-games in the first place?

Your objective in this game is to beat other players and be the one with the most points. In each gaming session, you will play through 4 random mini-games. Each of these games has its own objective and rules, so pay attention when you start playing. You can move your character around with the WASD keys. The H key lets you roll dodge, and the J key has differing functions on each mini-game. To win a game, you should be the last standing player. For example, in the mini-game called Museum Escape, you should trap the opponent players with the J key so that the reanimated dinosaur skeleton can defeat them. In another game Timed Bomb, you should pass the bomb to other players before it explodes in your hands. Explore all of the game modes and try your best to be the last player standing to collect the most points! There are also lots of different character skins and other unlockables! Enjoy!

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Developer developed Sheep Sheep Duck.

Release Date

April 12, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Multiple different mini-games to play
  • Various unlockable character customization options
  • Online multiplayer gameplay


  • Use the WASD keys to move around
  • Use the H key to roll
  • Use the J key to complete actions