In Fruit Break, it's time to slice some delicious fruits! Sharpen your knife and start the colorful fruit carnival! You have only one job to do in this game! If you are ready to cut some fruit, start the game now! Enjoy!

The time has come! Its your turn to show off your slicing skills! Your objective in this game is quite simple and fun! All you have to do is cut some fruits into half. Does this excite you? If your answer is yes, slice the watermelon to begin on the main menu. The game will start immediately, and you will face various fruits flying around. Your job is to cut them into half. So, you need to be as fast as you can not to miss them. As you proceed with the game, the fruits will flow faster and faster! Be careful! There will be also some bombs on the board, you really need to avoid touching them, or else you will lose your points. Every fruit that you cut will make you get a score. Cut fruits as much as you can in 60 seconds! There are no levels to pass, you only need to get the highest score before the game is over! Are you ready to play and relax? Enjoy cutting fruits!

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DAB3Games developed Fruit Break.

Release Date

December 12, 2016


  • Addictive and entertaining gameplay
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Relaxing game
  • No levels to pass


You can use your mouse to play this game.