Free yourself from a frightening nightmare in Freddy Run 3! Freddy’s mom made him sleep just when he was about the get to the most exciting part of his video game. So, it is only natural for him to see this game in his dreams. Can you help him escape this scary nightmare and wake up, though?

In his nightmare, Freddy is stuck in a scary castle. He is attacked by skull-knights that are ready to kill him. Everywhere is full of poisonous scorpions. So, evidently, it will be a hard ride for him to run through this castle. Luckily, you are there to help him jump through gaps, stoop down sharp knives, and kill the scorpions by jumping on them. With your help, this scary nightmare will be a little bit more bearable for our little boy. He will fight against the eerie knights and finally be able to get out of this nightmare with you! Now, are you ready to help him get through this traumatic experience and fight for his life?

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Developer developed Freddy Run 3.

Release Date

January 05, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Intuitive controls

Exciting gameplay and interesting platform!


You can use the X key to shoot and the arrow keys to control the character.