Bring your heat anywhere you go in FireBlob Winter. As the cute little fire blob, you are, your aim is to ignite a fire on the woodpiles around the parcourses. There may be some obstacles on your way, but with your cuteness and the fire inside you, you can overcome those difficulties. Are you ready to set fire in this snowy cold place?

As a pink, cute fire blob, you can light up anywhere you go. Even in this cold place, your heart is full of fire, and you can ignite woodfires. You have 81 levels ahead of you. On each level, you will have parcourses to complete by igniting fires on the woodpiles. With each level, though, there will be more difficult aspects for you to overcome. The orange and blue blobs are your enemies that will start to appear after a certain level, for example. If you hit them by mistake, you will be eliminated. So be careful when you see them and move accordingly. You should also beware of the sharp stalactites and the melting blocks. You shouldn’t fall off the edges, either. Try to complete the tasks in all the levels to see one big final round. With its retro look and sounds besides its soothing music, you can rest a little playing this game. Relax a little, focus on this fire blob’s cuteness and try to complete all the levels!

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NoaDev developed FireBlob Winter.

Release Date
November 16, 2021

• Vintage-looking colorful graphics
• Multiple levels
• Easy and relaxing controls
• Cute fire blob

You can use the WASD or arrow keys of your computer to control the fire blob.