Elizas Heavenly Wedding will take everyone up high in the sky! For a perfect wedding, the besties and the bride should look perfect as well. We thought that you can help make it happen. Help Eliza and her best friends look amazing. From the dresses to accessories, you will be the stylist. How exciting to prepare a bride for her wedding? If you are ready now, let's move quickly and enjoy this night as soon as possible!

How many weddings have you attended so far? Well, this one will be the best one you have ever seen before. To make it happen, Eliza and her friends need your ideas, though. The bride is the star of the weddings. As the star, she must look like a goddess. She definitely is for her husband to be, but she wants to be in her best look for herself too. Start with the friends first. Choose the best dresses and accessories that can maids of honor can ever wear. Then, move on to the bride. Create an outstanding make-up style for her by using the tools at the bottom of the game screen. Choose the most beautiful wedding dress for your taste in fashion and match it with accessories. They all look amazing! Let's not forget about the photos to make this day unforgettable!

You enjoyed helping Eliza on her wedding day? She needs your help for her first day of cooking donuts as well. To be there for her again, be sure to check Eliza Donuts Shop.


Top Girl Games developed Elizas Heavenly Wedding.

Release Date

November 1, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 5 stages to complete
  • Dress-up experience with a wedding theme
  • Fun and fashion inspiring gameplay


You can use your mouse or the touch controls to play this game.