In many games, the object is to avoid character deaths, but in the second game of the amazingly popular game series Dumb Ways to Die 2, you can explore the many creative ways of dying with a hilarious approach. With colorful graphics and humorous animations, this amazing game will bring a smile to your face as you try to complete the various challenges it offers. Are you ready to visit the thrilling world of this game and start trying to keep the cute characters alive?

Dumb Ways to Die 2 continues to take you through many amazing challenges and tasks in different environments. Just like the previous game, your objective as the player in this popular game is to try to survive the different scenarios you’ll encounter in different buildings. There are five buildings that you can visit to take on tasks. Each of these buildings has a different theme. For example, in the building called Drown Town, you’ll be assigned tasks related to swimming, diving and other sea activities such as water skiing. At the start of each level, you can see what you have to do to successfully complete the tasks. Each building offers four different challenges. You have three lives and failing in a quest will deduct a life point. The game will end when you run out of lives but you can start again! Can you solve all of the different problems you will encounter in these challenges?

When you finish this second game, why not check out the next one? Here at Kizi, you can play Dumb Ways to Die 3 for free! Have fun!


Metro developed Dumb Ways to Die 2.

Release Date

14 November 2014


  • 4 different areas
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Funny animations
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play Dumb Ways to Die 2.