Prove your barista skills in Drink Master! Summer has come and you started your work at the coolest beach bar. Now, you have to be a great bartender to be cool enough for this cool bar. Can you manage handling all the drinks?

In this fun game, you will be dealing with many drinks. Colorful, fresh summer drinks are the favorite of the customers and they can’t get enough of them. But you have to be very careful and precise while doing your job. There will be tons of orders for you to prepare. Some will have drinks of different colors in different proportions. So, make sure to act very precisely while pouring in the drinks. You can click left to pour in the drink and release the left-click to stop pouring. Don’t pour way too little drink but don’t pass the limit, either. You can click on the indicators on the left of the screen to switch between the drinks. Be careful, though. There will be a time limit for each beverage. Now, let’s see if you can create the tastiest and fanciest cocktails!

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Simplicity Games developed Drink Master.

Release Date

May 24, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Easy yet addictive gameplay

100 levels


You can left click to pour the drinks and release the click to stop pouring the water.