A racer must have sharp reflexes and keen eyes. Show your talents in the exciting racing game, Drag Racing 2, and beat your opponents to prove that you have all the necessary talents a racer needs. The roads are your playground so hold tight to your steering wheel and keep a hand on the shift. Unleash your internal speed demon by reaching the highest speeds and leave your opponent behind.

The nighttime road is illuminated with street lights and both yours and your opponent’s feet are on the gas pedals. With the signal, you are ready to let your engines roar and bolt through the night. Your vehicle is waiting for you to command it. As the player, your objective is to reach the finish line before the other driver. Drag Racing 2 offers different gameplay from the other titles under the same genre. The only way to pass the other driver and their car is to time your shift into high gear. At the bottom part of the screen, you can see the dashboard. Here you can see your speed and the gear you’re currently in. To increase your speed, pay attention to the speed pointer. On the speed meter, you’ll 3 different sections: blue, green, and red. Once the pointer is on the green section, click on the gear shift to increase your speed! Clicking while the pointer is on the blue or the red section will cause you to lose speed and your opponent will gain the advantage. Time your clicks and win the race. You’ll earn rewards at the end of each round depending on your performance. Sitting in your sports car, can you prove that you are a driver to reckoned with?

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  • 2D graphics
  • Competitive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Colorful world


Use your mouse to play this game.