Playing with water pistols is always fun. It’s the ultimate entertainment for hot summer days. No matter what season it is, be prepared to feel like it’s summer with Double Guns! Take control of water guns and get ready to break objects tossed into the air. Enjoy a different shooting experience with this addictive game and challenge yourself as you try to beat your high score. Let's start the fun!

Double Guns offers different gameplay from the other games of the shooter genre. You won't find explosions, mean enemies, or alien invaders in this entertaining game. As the player, your objective in this game is to shoot at various objects that are thrown into the air and try to break them. There are many interesting and different objects to shoot! From everybody's favorite food, juicy hamburgers, and delicious french fries to a potted flower and even a big watermelon! When you start the game, you’ll see your water pistols in the lower part of the game screen. Controlling these water pistols is as easy as playing with their real-life counterparts. Press the left and right arrow keys to use the left and right water pistols, respectively. When an object is launched into the air, try to break it as fast as you can or it might fall down. When you fail to break an object when it’s in the air, it will fall down and this will cause you to lose the game. If that happens, check your score and try to earn a higher one on your next try. To successfully prevent objects from falling, try to keep them balanced in the air by using each of your weapons equally. This way they won't fly away and you can break them!

Take your position, aim, and fire! Shooting games are fun to play because of the addictive and challenging gameplay. We have many amazing titles in our shooter games collection so be sure to check them out. Feel free to try out the notorious Stickman War and Strike of War. Have fun playing !

Developer developed this game.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Different objects to shoot
  • Can be played with 2 players


Use the left and right arrow keys to shoot.