Rise to the top of the world's most colorful race with Color Galaxy! Draw shapes, paint every bit you step on, and cut others' routes to defeat them! Conquer the arena bit by bit and paint it all! Unlock new skins for your character, upgrade the arena, and customize everything to your liking!

Ready yourself for a race of colors! All players in this arena are after the same thing: coloring as much space as possible while keeping their character safe. There are some tactics you can stick with to make it to the top safely. Once you get out of the safe zone, someone can come and cut the line behind you and get you disqualified from the race. You can draw small circles around your area and wait for others to make bold moves. Once they get close, sneak around them, and get them before they can turn back to get you. Avoid hitting your own line, and complete turns quickly. Move steadily, and you can see your percentage go high in no time. Win races to earn gold coins, and upgrade your game lobby to personalize it. You can also buy new costumes, colors, and stickers for your character, and use them in matches. Good luck!

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Gismart developed Color Galaxy.

Release Date

October 17, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Unlockable skins, colors, and stickers

Lobby upgrades

Addictive matches

Surprise gifts and treasures


You can use your mouse to play this game.