The enemy is secretly running an operation in the city and you must be the one to stop them in Strike of War! As an amazing action-platform shooter game, Strike of War offers addictive gameplay with lots of interesting features. Become a secret agent and equip yourself with the latest military weapons to save the city. The National Defense president is counting on you and your team to put an end to this madness! Devise a plan, gather your intelligence and play your way through various missions.

Are you ready to get involved in an immersive storyline filled with guns, top secret agents, and dangerous missions? Then here is your mission: put an end to the evil plans of your enemies at once! Gather your team of 5 trained secret soldiers and infiltrate your enemy’s base. Action and tension are an inseparable part of this game. A soldier is nothing without weapons and National Defense provides you and your team with the latest and most advanced military weapons. Grenades, knives, rifles, pistols, and many other weapons are in your arsenal. Each mission will give you different objectives to complete. Move around by using the WASD keys. Aim with your mouse and show those enemy soldiers that they can’t escape from your sharp skills. Strike of War has 2 game modes. Campaign mode has 13 missions that feature an interesting story. Special Ops has 14 different missions to challenge yourself with. If you want a quick play session, you can choose quick missions. There you can choose what kind of soldier you want to play as. You have 5 choices: assault, special ops, heavy assault, sniper, and demolition. Each type has its own perks and stats so try all of them! Not enough? You can also create your own custom missions!

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Storigine Studios

Release Date

September 2016


  • 18 different achievements to earn
  • 13 campaign missions
  • 14 special ops missions
  • Create your own mission


Use your mouse to aim and the WASD keys to move around. Press the G key to choose between types of equipment, press the Q key to select killstreaks, press the R key to reload. Use the 1, 2, 3, and 5 keys to change between weapon types.