In Assault Fury, you, as a fearless hero, have to fight to the death! You will face enemies and bad guys in the field! Take your awesome guns and be ready for the fight! Will you be able to kill them all or will you die?

You are an alone hero against your foes in Assault Fury! Your enemies are waiting outside for you! Be cool! You are the best shooter in the world. But the missions are not the easiest ones to complete. Before the fight, you first need to choose your gun and your equipment. You have an assault rifle, sniper rifle, and machine gun to select. Also, you can customize your outfit with glasses, gloves, military boots, battle suit according to the conditions. When you feel ready you can start the game. There will be 8 different chapters to complete. In each chapter, you will have different missions like killing enemies, exploding oil drums, headshot, and so on. You will complete the missions one by one till the end of the battle. You will start each chapter behind an object to cover yourself, they won't see you until you show up. Click on the screen to aim at your enemies and use the left mouse button to fire! You complete a level after you kill all the enemies. Don't forget! On the fifth level of each chapter, there will be a boss fight. Go wisely, good luck!

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JulGames developed Assualt Fury.

Release Date

March 13, 2019


  • 3D graphics
  • 40 levels to pass
  • Intuitive controls
  • Different items to unlock


You can use your mouse, AD keys and arrow keys to play this game.