Get ready to speed up in Dirt Bike MotoCross! Hold on tight to your bike because you are about to go at full speed. Do you believe in yourself to be the champion of the riders?

A great riding experience comes with a great rivalry. This game has nothing but a good rivalry. Get your bike and set your record straight. You came to be the champion. There are 15 levels to ride in this cut-throat race. Once you become successful at one race, you can earn money. Later, you should spend that money on unlocking better motorbikes. We have all the bests from Honda CRF450R to HUSQVARNA FC450 to many more. If you think a two-rider race is way too easy for you, keep in mind that you also have the 4-rider and 6-rider race modes. If you are ready go as fast as you can, let’s start the race and see if you are cut from a champion’s cloth!

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Hihoy developed Dirt Bike MotoCross.

Release Date

July 14, 2022


3D graphics

Addictive roadmap to drive through

Multiplayer mode

15 levels

Motorcycles to unlock


Use the up and down arrow keys to ride the motorbike. You can balance the motorbike with the right and left arrow keys.