Collaborate with the former rulers of the earth in a primal fight with Dinosaurs Merge Master! Take a walk to the first ages of our world and meet the ancient beasts! Build an army of dinosaurs, merge them to upgrade your attack power and defense rates, and level up before the enemy forces to keep surviving!

Get ready for an ever-evolving fight that starts from the very first ages of life on earth! This challenge will take you to the ages of the first species to run the world, and let you command their battles. Hire units, merge the identical fighters to unlock new forces, and add new species to your side. Start by placing your archers in the back to put some distance between them and keep them safe. Put the tanky characters closer to the enemy's side and get them to absorb most of the damage while the high-range warriors do their jobs from the back. Make new purchases between matches to pass the most challenging levels and get ready for the next battles. Build strategies against the most powerful armies; you can keep your army crowded or merge them to get stronger units in smaller numbers. Try them all and see which plan suits you!

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SUN.STUDIO developed Dinosaurs Merge Master.

Release Date

April 13, 2023


  • Fun and addictive levels
  • Funny character designs
  • Interesting dark-ages theme
  • Unlockable upgrades


You can use your mouse to play this game.