Meet Rainbow Girls to create the hottest outfits of the season with Design With Me Cute Tie Dye Tops! The BFFs are excited about this summer, and they want to create their own looks. Join them in the workshop, get creative, and see how your creations come out!

Sunny, Skyler, and Ruby need a fashion designer to join them on a new gig; they are designing handmade shirts for the summer season. You are invited to their wardrobes to help them craft these outfits by choosing colors, accessories, and patterns, picking fitting makeup looks, and preparing them for the show. To start your career in the fashion world, you can click on Sunny's profile after reading their dialogue, and do her makeup. Pick a look; do you want her to look fabulous, or are you going for natural tones? After the makeup session, go to her wardrobe, choose a shirt mesh, and check out the colors. You can also see the alternative patterns on the next tab. For the next step, decorate your shirt and move on to the last part. Pick a hairstyle, change her shirt, and see if you can find the right accessories to go with her look. Now you can do the same with the other girls and get ready for the show!

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Cutedressup developed Design With Me Cute Tie Dye Tops.

Release Date

June 15, 2023


  • Three cute models
  • Various clothing options and accessories
  • Improving fashion sense and creativity
  • Fun for all age groups


You can use your mouse to play.