Get ready to restyle your favorite characters from the famous Descendants Du Mal series in Descendants Hair Salon. They’ve heard of your amazing styling skills and now they’re here to get a makeover. The Descendants need your creative hands to help them get ready for the next episode of their show. Grab your hair straightener, conditioner and brush to start giving the girls an amazing new look! Can you make them leave your hair salon with a big smile on their faces?

In Descendants Hair Salon, you’re a famous and talented hair stylist and many people want to visit your shop. In this game, your clients are no ordinary people. They’re the famous characters, Evie, Mal, and Lonnie. Each of them has different styles and wants, so it is your job to give them the look they’re after. To play the game, choose a character. Once they’re seated in one of the styling chairs, you can start giving them a new hairstyle. Begin by washing their hair and applying a conditioner to make the next steps easier. Grab your hair curler and give them bouncy waves or straighten those stubborn hair strands to give a fashionable look. Once you’re done with the hair styling, it’s time to visit the dressing room! A new hairdo deserves new clothes. Each character has different clothing options, so none of them will look the same. Choose between different tops, trousers, dresses, and shoes to complete their look! Finally, it is time for a photo shoot to show your newest styles to the world. Remind your models to smile because a beautiful smile is the best accessory!

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  • 3 different characters to give a new style to
  • Colorful graphics
  • Many different hair styling options
  • A wide range of clothing options


Use your mouse to play this game.