The nasty rain cloud is back again and looking forward to pouring its sharp nails down on our fruity friends in Cover Orange 2! The sequel to the first game, Cover Orange 2 features a colorful world filled with 25 fun levels with challenging puzzles to solve! Put your hand on your chin and start thinking about how to get Orange and his friends to safety before the mean cloud arrives! Pick up and place various objects to create a barrier to protect the fruit folk. Leave your architectural perfection aside! The result may not look appealing but at least your friends will be safe!

What’s wrong with the weather? It doesn’t matter because you are here to help the juicy folk of Fruitville! Every cloud has a silver lining but the one haunting the colorful world of Cover Orange 2 only has silver nails! Can you hear the distant sound of thunder? You better start building a shelter before it arrives! Each level has a different platform design. You will be given different types of objects, from wheels to crates and barrels, to place on the platforms to create a safe space for the characters in the level. The challenge begins when you try to place the objects! To create a shelter, you have to drop the objects from above the white line you see in every level. Be careful with your placing because even a small gap will let the nails reach Orange. On contact, Orange and the other fruits will rot and die. Don’t let this happen! In some levels, you will have to move the characters to someplace safer by manipulating the surroundings through carefully dropping objects either on top of them or on other objects. Plan carefully and become the hero of the fruits!

Thanks to your efforts, the sun is shining on Fruitville again! A hero’s job is never done! Keep helping fruits by checking out the first game of the series, Cover Orange! Also, try out its sequels: Cover Orange: Journey Knights, Cover Orange: Journey Pirates and Cover Orange: Players Pack


FDG Entertainment developed this game.

Release Date

Jun 20, 2013


  • 25 levels to play
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • Challenging puzzles


Use your mouse to solve the puzzles.