In Cosplay Gamer Girls, you can be whoever you want! Join our two beautiful cosplayers in their dressing rooms and get ready for the next big event together! Pick up the best pieces for the look you want, choose the most sensational makeup colors, and check out the accessories and other unlockable features to get ready for the costume contests!

The summer is here, and the gaming events are around the corner. Our girls are ready to rock those events with their best costumes and on-point makeup looks. As their stylist, you can pick up this mission and start leading them by dressing the first girl. Click on her face to start your work with her makeup, and check out the cosmetics. You can go with a bold look to make the dress pop up, or pick soft colors and leave the work to the costume. Then, you can check out the hairstyles and wigs. Here are some features you can unlock; watch a short ad to add these items to your closet permanently. Now you are ready for the dress. Follow our girl to her wardrobe and see the outfits and accessories. Complete these steps with the second girl to see them together in front of three different backgrounds.

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DL-studio developed Cosplay Gamer Girls.

Release Date

July 3, 2023


  • Age-appropriate
  • Cute and fun costume ideas
  • Improving fashion sense and creativity skills
  • Two models with different styles
  • Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.