Rush it out in Clone Ball Rush! One of the most fun and most beloved games of all time might be marbles. Anyone from any generation would love to have a good time playing marbles. Now, it is even more fun with our online game! Are you ready to redefine the rules?

In this game, you will have a long platform before you where you are expected to roll your marble. The fun part of this new game is that your marble will be cloned through the platform. So, this means that you won’t have the same number of marbles at the end of the road as you begin the game. What determines how many marbles you will get is the moves you make. You will have many portals to go through during this platform. On those portals you will see some mathematical operations that indicate what will happen to your marble’s quantity. Your aim is to have as many marbles as you can at the end so try not to hit the obstacles and be careful while passing over the bridges. Instead, try to pass through the operations that will multiply your marble count and get the most points at the end of the game!

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Developer developed Clone Ball Rush.

Release Date

January 27, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels and intuitive skills

• Relaxing yet challenging game experience

• Addictive gameplay

• Upgradable number of marbles


You can use the cursor to move the ball.